Cartridge Tube Silicone Sealants Filling Machine
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Cartridge Tube Silicone Sealants Filling Machine
Place of Origin:
Support Express · Sea freight
Supply Ability:
1500 unit per month
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  • Brand
  • Priduct Name
    Cartridge Tube Silicone Sealants Filling Machine
  • Weigh scale
  • Dividing value
    1,2,5 g
  • filling containers
    Cartridge Tube
  • Accuracy
  • Driving
    Air compressor
  • Air pressure
  • Filling Speed
    15-35 drums/tanks
  • Application
  • Condition
    Band New
  • Voltage/Hertz
  • Certificate
    CE, ISO
  • Lead Time
Shipping fee
Shipping fee

1. Cartridge Tube Silicone Sealants Filling Machine Information:

Cartridge Tube Sealants Filling Machine is special for filling Cartridge Tube sealants. It generally has 1-6 filling heads;

Cartridge Tube Sealants Filling Machine filling heads choosing depend on how many colors of your sealants;

Cartridge Tube Sealants Filling Machine could design as semi auto and fully auto kinds depends on your filling speed and production capacity.

Cartridge Tube Sealants Filling Machine has single component and double component types.

Cartridge Tube Sealants Filling Machine Advantage: 

  1. Fully explosion-proof push-button operation
  2. Digital input
  3. Taiwan Delta PLC
  4. Immediate operation status indication
  5. Servo Filling system
  6. Automatic zero clearing and power off protection device
  7. Emergency stop protection device
  8. Equipped with fault detection function

tube sealant filling machine.jpg

two component filling machine.jpg

Auto sealants filling machine.jpg




2. TGM Factory Profile: 


TGM Chemical Machine Co., Ltd is a group enterprise. We have brands like TGM, Pengchang and Tongpeng.

We are a leader in the field of chemical machine industry, with 18 years of industry experience.

We have professional R&D design team, strong technical support, skilled production team, reliable after sales service, flexible customized solutions,

to meet your various standards and non standard equipment procurement needs. We committed to providing the complete and professional chemical equipment solutions.

We integrate, design, development, production, sales and training together.

Our products scope: Disperser, Bead Mill, Basket Mill, Mixer, emulsifier, Mixing kettles, Reactor, Filling machine, Bag filter, Pumps, Zirconium Bead, 3 roll mill, and other accessories.

Our machines help you to make ideal products: paints, coatings, inks, pigments, dyes, thinner, hardener, emulsions, varnish, spin finish, putty, glues, adhesives, viscous pastes, concrete Admixtures,

PCVC solvent cement, liquid resins, sealants, silicone sealant, lithium battery, electronic slurry&paste, pulps, silicon dioxide, liquid rubber, pesticide, liquid fertilizer, disinfectant, liquid detergent, gel,

lotions, shampoo, body wash, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, liquid wash, nail polish, creams, and so on.

We could offer individual machine or full production lines for your plants.


Factory picture.jpg

Paint Production Line(1).jpg

Chemical Machine project.jpg

TGM Coatings Exhibition: 

TGM Machine Exhibition.jpg


3. What are advantages of your factory?


    1) Our factory is a leader manufacture of Chemical machine With 18 years of Industry experience. We have a lot Technology Patents & Product Patents;

    2) Our factory has Professional R&D Teams, High Technical Supports, Skilled Production Team, Reliable After Sales Service, Flexible Customized Solutions;

    3) Our factory is the leader of this industry, named with high and new technology enterprise;

    4) Our factory has plenty of industry experience, we could offer you the complete palnt planning.


 TGM Customer(3).jpg



4. How to make silicone sealants:


silicone sealant production line with hard packing 2.jpg




5. What certificate your factory could offer?:

CE, BSC, CNEX, ISO, patents.



6. Manufacture Processing:

Our Chemical Machines are strictly quality control at every single production step, after quality past, we will move to do next step production.

Our Chemical Machines production process: raw materials preparing-cutting/bending materials-welding-polishing-assembling-coating-testing-packing-loading.


Line of Production.jpg


7. Packing And Shipping:


TGM machine Packing.jpg


8. FAQ: 



Question: Are you a factory or a trading company? where is your factory?

Answer: We are a real factory. Our factory is in fu'an industrial zone, leliu street, shunde ditrict, foshan city, guangdong province, China.


Question: Which countries your machine sold to?

Answer: American Market: America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil;

                European Market: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia;

               African Market: South Africa, Algeria, Zambia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Uganda, Madagascar;

               Asian Market: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE;


Question: How long is your machine warranty?

Answer: 12 months free for whole machine, After a year, spare parts charges, but life-long free for consultant.


Question: How long is your lead time?

Answer: Depends on the machines you choose. Generally from 7 days to 35days. Some big machine: 45-60days.


Question: How could I know how to operate the machines?

Answer: We provide teaching video and operating manual, and 24 hours in 7 days video guidance.


Question:How long is your machine warranty?

Answer: 12 months free for whole machine, After a year, spare parts charges, but life-long free for consultant.


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