How to make Paint

October 18,2021

How to make paint?

Chemical Machine project.jpg

Step one: Dosing, Prepare and weigh all raw materials right way, according paints formuala to put  raw materails in dispersing tank one by one.

powder filler.JPG

Step two: dispersing, mixing and dissolving all materails within time requested by paints formulas.

platform Disperser.jpg

Step three: grinding the paint into the size which you need. Some paints if in high quality needs, you need to use nano bead mill to grind them till the particle size reach your needs.

paint grinding mill.jpg

Step four: add some paints agents or pigments to make the paint colors or make it perfect charactors.

paint mixer.jpgpaint production line.jpg

Step five: Filling, capping and packing the paints.

1-5kg filling machine.jpg